Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Perfect Life

I recently discovered a new blog by a friend of a friend from college.

As I perused her impeccable photos and glorious hardwood floors I began to turn green with envy. Everything about this blog pointed out the beauty of Jamie's life. Her home was perfect, her daughter was perfect, her life was perfect.

I wanted that life. I wanted my life to be as easy and perfect as hers looked.

But then I read more. Jamie lost a precious life three years ago when she suffered a miscarriage. Her child never got to meet her big sister or get his picture taken by his talented mommy.

As I read her story, I realized that for all the complaints I have about my dirty carpets and tiny apartment, my early morning commute or my flabby thighs, I have never felt the loss of a child. Comparatively speaking, my life is one big bowl of rainbows and reasons to love unicorns.

Knowing the perfect life will never actually happen may be a disappointment, but that's where God comes in.  The real point is that it doesn't matter. It does not matter how early I get up in the morning or how depressing my efforts may seem some days. What matters is that I get out of bed in the morning and do my best at the things God has given to me to do. If I focus on the prize rather than the hurdles I have to jump to get it, the obstacles seem insignificant.

Thank you, Jamie, for sharing your heart with people who need it. Thank you for letting us witness the healing God has given you, knowing that we can have it too.

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