Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Working Towards a Wedding

So, I'm getting down to the last full week before my wedding and the nerves are finally starting to worm their way in. Up until now, I haven't felt the least bit nervous. Everything has gone pretty much according to plan and if it hasn't nobody cares. We got everything out of the way, so we could take a break during August and just enjoy each other. We've had a great few weeks of wedding showers, moving and talking about Morocco. I really can say it's been perfect.

The only hurdle that I can't seem to leap over today is my apartment. I have to move out in less than a week and haven't even started packing yet! My luggage arrived this morning and in a flurry of wedding and work related activity, I have yet to put anything in it. But, as Adam used to tell me, "It's all circumstantial."

None of the stuff I usually tend to freak over is worth the energy.  It's always something that works out in the end and never really needed my frazzled nerves to help anyway. The apartment will be packed and we will be out of there by this weekend. The kids will arrive on the airplane and someone will be there to pick them up. I will somehow manage to make it through the next four days of work without having a nervous breakdown.

It's amazing how God has really walked me through this. I had the most wonderful surprise at my bridal shower when my sister in law gave me a video of my husband to be answering questions she had asked about me! I got hear what Brian really thinks about my cooking, my quirky habits, and the way I look at people and God. It was really fascinating to see myself through his eyes and get a different angle.

It told me that despite my terrorized apartment, my ADD way of thinking, and my random moments of indecision, my husband loves me and will be there waiting at the end of the aisle next Saturday.

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