Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I actually wrote this a few months and forgot to post it. Bon Appetite!

For most of you, when I mention Blagojevich, you know what I'm talking about. But if you don't know who the governor of IL is, at least you'll be informed about his taste in food. Kuma's Corner, a downtown Chicago bar, has created a culinary masterpiece. The &#@$ Blagojevich Burger consists of a ten oz all beef patty, a unbelievably thick slice of bologna, along with the other usual toppings. The burger is then wrapped in two grilled cheese sandwiches made from wonder bread and processed cheese then topped with a squirt of mustard in the shape of a dollar sign. While it may not be tastiest item on Kuma's already unorthodox menu, the &#@$ Blagojevich Burger is certainly rising in popularity. "We always do our best to be politically incorrect around here" said owner Mike Cain. The sandwich was originally created to reflect its namesake, accused of trying to sell President-Elect Obama's vacant senate seat. But the real kicker with the burger is the price. While posted to sell at $10, Cain reports that he is willing to negotiate.

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